Lower Elementary


Kindergarten at St. Joseph School is a full day, accredited educational setting. The students are enthusiastically engaged in Language Arts, Math, Religion, Social Studies, Science, and the Liberal Arts. The small class size (1 to 20 ratio) enables students time to interact with teachers and a full time aid in hands on learning with various manipulatives. The highlight of the kindergartners’ year is when they realize they are emergent readers. Advanced reading and writing skills are developed in part through the Superkids Reading Program. Nightly creative writing is incorporated into the daily routine to create a blog activity with the teacher. Cross-curricular activities help make the lessons seem more relevant to the students. Learning becomes our life-long love each day as the classroom extends to the world around us. The lessons students learn in kindergarten are made for earthly times but the friendships each child makes last through eternity.

First Grade

In First grade, we explore our faith through our dense curriculum. Students learn that who they are is just as important as what they know. By putting a special focus on the Peacemaker Program, first graders learn virtues that teach how to live as Jesus did, to work for the good of the group, and help others in need. Using their senses, learning comes to life with hands-on activities across the curriculum such as celebrating the 100th Day of School with The 100 Year Old Project, bread making, and publishing a class book just to name a few. Students develop an excitement of learning about God’s world and of developing a passion for their learning.

Second Grade

Second grade focuses on helping a child grow and develop to be ready for the new challenges waiting for them in their upper elementary years. In second grade, children develop a greater sense of responsibility and grow in independence. Students are responsible for copying down their homework each morning and learn to stay on task without teacher support during small group instruction. In Language Arts, students enjoy their final year with the ‘Superkids’ program and meet daily in small groups for ‘book club’ in order to grow in reading fluency, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, and accuracy. In writing, students explore the various genres of writing by creating their own works such as an autobiography and a magazine. In the spring, students begin to learn cursive, a much anticipated skill set to learn. In addition, students commit addition and subtraction facts to memory as well as explore various ways to describe items in our world using measurement. Science and Social Studies also develop a better understanding of necessary truths that students need for upper elementary school. In second grade, faith is developed across all subjects and Religion class  developing virtue and making good choices with the Ten Commandments as our guide.