Our Enrichment



Art Classes

The art curriculum is designed to merge the elements and principles of art with history and style to students in Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Each week, students explore and create in various mediums and analyze and critique works of art. Our art program fosters and focuses on creativity, motor skills, confidence, critical thinking, perseverance, collaboration, and accountability.

We continuously strive to see the world through God’s eyes and daily celebrate his visual canvas.



The library media center offers a creative hub for students to think critically and creatively through interactive experiences.

The instructional room, the “Think Tank,” offers teachers a space to engage students with multimedia outlets while having print and non-print resources readily available.

Students and faculty use the library for research projects, cross-curricular assignments, and personal interests. At Saint Joseph’s, the library is viewed as an extension of the classroom, available for all grade levels to integrate into its curriculum.


Music Classes

Each week, Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade students develop their individual musical abilities through the study of rhythm, tonality/melody, form, expression, and history.

Our music program fosters creativity, positive energy, ambition, passion, hard work, attention to detail, and interpersonal skills. Through singing, playing classroom instruments, moving, games, improvisation, composition, drama, and listening, students learn about their own musical gifts and music as a powerful tool for expression, communication, and creation.


Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Saint Joseph School follows the Consensus Curriculum framework of the Diocese and promotes the healthy lifestyle we want for our students. Each week they participate in a variety of exercises, games, and activities that fosters motor skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Students are guided through developmentally-appropriate lessons that encourage a healthy sense of competition, team spirit, and life-long physical activity.

Visitors to Saint Joseph School might hear Junior-Kindergarteners counting each jumping jack they perform, see fourth-graders warming up with squats and lunges before dribbling drills in a soccer unit, and watch eighth-graders teaming up in a flag football game.


Spanish Classes

All students, Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade, participate in Spanish class. Students begin with Spanish once a week in younger grades, transitioning to a high school Spanish I track in Middle School.

We believe in preparing our students to be global citizens in a changing world. Spanish class not only prepares students with communication skills, but also focuses on developing cultural competence, making connections to apply communication skills in a variety of settings, and developing the tools and confidence needed to be active members in multilingual communities.