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As the oldest Catholic school in Virginia, Saint Joseph School has a vibrant network of alumni across the state and across the country. In addition, they are joined by alumni of Gibbons High School and Saint Vincent de Paul High School.
Saint Joseph Catholic School remains rooted in its 140 year history. At the same time, we are excited to share the growth and progress of Saint Joseph Catholic School today.

By remaining engaged and connected, you help ensure the preservation of our rich past, and the longevity of the values, traditions, and spirit of Saint Joseph Catholic School for generations to come.


There are many ways to stay engaged with Saint Joseph Catholic School today. You can reconnect with classmates, share memories of your time here, and explore the exciting things happening at the school today. Here are some ways you can stay involved:

Upcoming Alumni Events

On January 17th, Saint Joseph Catholic School will celebrate its 145th birthday!

Want to give us a birthday gift and help us serve another 145 years?
Click here to give a give now. Consider making a gift of $145- $1 for every year of quality education rooted in Catholic values.
Learn more about our Promise for the Future Campaign and how you can get involved in a bolstering the school’s foundation for generations to come. 
Happy birthday, Saint Joseph School!

For more information or to schedule a visit, contact us at [email protected] or 804-732-3931

Submit an Alumni Highlight

Do you know an alumni with an exciting achievement, life event, or other news to share with the St. Joseph-Gibbons-St. Vincent school community? Submit your highlight by following this link and completing the form. Your highlight could be featured in the Friends of Saint Joseph Catholic School Newsletter!