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Lion Team

The faculty and staff of Saint Joseph Catholic School is a highly motivated, professional group that is dedicated to the Christian educational process. Through the teacher certification process, our teachers have modeled lifelong learning by committing themselves to professional development.


Photo of Fr. Gino Rossi

Fr. Gino Rossi


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Photo of Kerry Loucks

Kerry Loucks


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Photo of Sarah Owens

Sarah Owens

Assistant Principal

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Photo of Krystal Mansfield

Krystal Mansfield

Enrollment and Development Director

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Photo of Helene Vaughan

Helene Vaughan

Business Manager

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Photo of Bileisy Lothamer

Bileisy Lothamer

Office Receptionist & Segura Advocate

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Photo of Jimi Mann

Jimi Mann

Facility, Grounds, and Security Director

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Photo of Lynn Mann

Lynn Mann

Cafeteria and Food Service Director

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Photo of Paula Dullas

Paula Dullas

IT Specialist

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Photo of Arlene Cary

Arlene Cary

PE/Health Teacher & Athletics Director

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Photo of Leary Davis

Leary Davis

Leary Davis Music and Art

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Photo of Linda Elkins

Linda Elkins

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Renee Fraine

Renee Fraine

Middle School Language Arts Teacher

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Photo of Nicole Ghanayem-Nelson

Nicole Ghanayem-Nelson

Junior Kindergarten Instructional Aide

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Photo of Patti Harris

Patti Harris

Fifth Grade Teacher

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Photo of Karl Lothamer

Karl Lothamer

Junior Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Karen Peffer

Karen Peffer

Kindergarten Instructional Aide

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Photo of John Szymendera

John Szymendera

Fourth Grade Teacher

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Photo of Katie Wood

Katie Wood

First Grade Teacher

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Photo of Diane Young

Diane Young

Elementary Theology Teacher

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Photo of