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A Catholic education is a powerful gift. At Saint Joseph Catholic School, we are committed to making a Saint Joseph Catholic School education attainable for all families. We offer a range of discounts, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities to welcome students from across the Tri-Cities area into the Saint Joseph Catholic School family.
Thanks to the generosity of donors and the support of our parish and community, Saint Joseph Catholic School is able to offer a range of financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Students may qualify for financial aid or scholarships based on family income, demographics, parish, or other factors. Below are just a few examples:
Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit
Through Virginia’s EISTC program, the McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships for both Catholic and non-Catholic students based on the family’s demonstrated need.

To be eligible, families’ annual household income must be less than 300% of the current poverty guideline (see below). Recipients must also meet one of these criteria: are eligible to enter kindergarten or first grade OR attended a Virginia public school for at least half of the current or prior school year OR were not Virginia residents in the preceding school year OR were prior recipients of an EISTC of an EISTC scholarship.

Household Size Qualified Household Income
1 $38,280
2 $51,720
3 $65,160
4 $78,600
5 $92,040
6 $105,480
7 $118,920
8 $132,360

Add $13,440 per additional family member

Junior Kindergarten
Because of restrictions from the Department of Education, additional criteria exist for families applying for tuition assistance for Junior Kindergarten.

To be eligible, families’ annual household income must be between 200%-300% of the current poverty guideline (see below). If the family’s income falls below 200% of the poverty guidelines, the parent must certify in writing that they were unable to obtain services at a Virginia Head Start or VPI program.

Household Size Qualified Household Income
1 $25,520-$38,380
2 $34,489-$51,720
3 $43,440-$65,160
4 $52,400-$78,600
5 $61,360-$92,040
6 $70,320-$105,480
7 $79,280-$118,920
8 $88,240-$132,360

Add $13,440 per additional family member

Parish Sharing
Parishes in the Diocese of Richmond support Catholic schools thorough an annual assessment. These funds are available to students who have been baptized and are registered in a Roman Catholic church.
McMahon Parater Endowment Scholarships
The McMahon Parater Endowment provides scholarships for tuition assistance to Catholic and non-Catholic families seeking a Catholic education for their child.
Weinstein Properties Scholarships
Mr. Marcus Weinstein, founder of Weinstein Properties real estate development firm, created a scholarship to provide tuition assistance for new students. This scholarship is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for African American males.
St. John Paul II Scholarship
Provided by a generous Catholic donor, this merit scholarship is awarded to Catholic students entering 2nd-8th grade who have exemplified Christ-centered behavior through volunteer service and academic achievement.
Segura Initiative
The Segura Initiative, founded by Bishop DiLorenzo, aims to make Catholic education more accessible for newly arrived Hispanic families in the Richmond Diocese. The program provides tuition support, as well as language support to assist families who may not speak English.

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Families interested in applying for financial aid complete an online application through the FACTS system. By completing one common application, families are considered for all types of aid and scholarships they may be eligible for. Please note, financial aid is awarded to enrolled students, so families interested in applying for financial aid must first complete the school admissions process. All families at SJS contribute some level of funds toward their student’s tuition. About 65% of our families receive income-based tuition assistance.

If you have questions or need help completing your application, please call our office for assistance:

Helene Vaughan


[email protected]


Si tiene preguntas o necesita ayuda para completar su solicitud, llame a nuestra oficina para obtener ayuda:

Bilesity Ruiz


[email protected]