Primary School

Pre-K 3

The Pre-Kindergarten 3 class is dedicated to giving students an exciting first year of school while developing a love for learning that begins their time in school. The classroom community provides a loving environment where students are encouraged to be independent and kind to one another. The Pre-K 3 classroom encourages students to demonstrate their knowledge of everyday life through dress up and play in the classroom. Students participate in lessons that remind them to be thankful for the opportunities to share their love for God and for each other. Pre-K 3 participates in a buddy program with the 3rd grade class and is mentored by these older students. Each day Pre-K students are reminded that they are loved and that school is a positive and welcoming place to be.

Pre-K 4

Pre-K 4 provides a nurturing and caring environment where children feel safe and cherished. Your child will experience foot‐stomping and hand raising praise to music, movement, and art activities that are integrated throughout the curriculum. Children develop literacy skills through the fascinating stories and rhymes from our pre‐reading series ‐ Happily Ever After. They also participate in daily class centers, games, and experiments that not only arouse their curiosity, but also increase problem solving skills as they develop an understanding of life around them. The teachers strive to create a community where the children will develop a love of God and a deep respect for each other. By the end of the year, our goal is children ready for their time in kindergarten.