Upper Elementary

Fourth Grade

In Fourth grade, students focus on a variety of different learning strategies. Students talk each morning during morning meeting and often participate in share time in class. Student think like mathematicians to solve and explain, as geographers and scientists to investigate and reason, as readers to comprehend and reflect, and as Children of God to model good character. Students support each other and help each other during individual practice time as well as when playing together at recess. In order to remind the class of the joy of the Gospel, the class has a prayer tree that they use to pray for their own intentions as well as for countries on the map that are struggling. In fourth grade, students continue to strengthen their reasoning skills and add new skills in memorizing math facts and utilizing new study skills to excel in the coming Middle School years.

Fifth Grade

The fifth grade is a community of learners who are dedicated to being the best versions of themselves. The class begins each week by discussing a specific life skill and its relevance to our daily lives as Christian people. Students come to school knowing that their teacher has high expectations for their work, participation, and behavior in the classroom while creating an atmosphere of acceptance and personal growth. Ms. Pickens’ classroom routines and instruction promote discovery, independence, and give students an experience that will prepare them for Middle School. The fifth graders are often found out of their seats using many areas of the classroom to facilitate their learning. Students can be found using iPads create Prezi presentations, participating in individual reading conferences with their teacher, as well as working in groups to discuss a novel. Ms. Pickens creates daily opportunities to fit each individual student’s needs. Fifth Grade studies the 6+1 Traits of Writing as well as participates in CAFE Reading lessons and workshops. Fifth Graders leave Ms. Pickens’ class knowing the importance of being a kind, well‐rounded students who are consistently the best version of themselves.